Having a baby changes everything — and your finances are no exception.

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Articles and case studies

How to baby-proof your budget.

Having a baby can be expensive—but it doesn’t need to break the bank. 

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Having a baby? Here's how to manage your changing income.

Summary: Discover how to adjust your financial situation when that little bundle of joy arrives. 

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Father and mother holding and smiling at their baby

Case study: how new parents Jen and Nick secured their financial future.

Discover the steps two new parents took to set themselves up for the future.

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Planning ahead: Saving for your child's education costs.

Whether you plan on sending your kids to an independent, religious or public school, it pays to consider the costs ahead of time. 

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Raising a family comes with a cost.

Budgeting will help you manage the money you have as a household with more confidence—here’s how to do it.

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