FuneralPlan Bond

Protect your loved ones from unnecessary stress at a difficult time - and ensure your wishes are carried out.

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Choose your investment option

The FuneralPlan Bond has the specific purpose of meeting your future funeral expenses. You can choose the capital guaranteed investment option, which means your contributions and allocated bonuses are always secure. Or you can choose the Conservative or Moderate investment options if you want to increase the value of your policy through a combination of income and capital growth.

Freedom and flexibility

You have the freedom to nominate your own funeral director and the type of service you would like at a later date.

You can open an account with a lump sum of $500 and top up at any time with a minimum of $50; or start with $100 with a minimum $50 per month on an instalment plan. You also have the freedom to stop paying instalments at any time without penalty if your circumstances change.

Tax benefits

Your FuneralPlan Bond will not affect your means tested pension so you can invest up to the current Government threshold ($13,500 for 2020/21 financial year). There is no limit to your investment if the means test is not applicable to your personal circumstances. Annual bonuses are also exempt from personal income tax.

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Quick to claim

If you are the executor or next of kin, you can quickly and easily claim the funds within your FuneralPlan Bond by providing the required documentation. The funds will be paid to you within two working days.

Flexibility to change your spending and investment plan

The Travel Protection Plan provides a valuable and low-cost benefit that helps protect your family against the potentially significant costs* of transportation from the place of death to the funeral home of your specified funeral director.

A once only non-refundable premium is payable in full at the time you apply for a Travel Protection Plan. The premium is $175, plus $125 for each additional applicant, when there are joint applicants.

* If you are eligible for a benefit, the Travel Protection Plan covers eligible costs incurred to a maximum $3.200.