Lifeplan Investment Bond

A comprehensive and versatile investment bond that can help you build your wealth— without increasing your personal income tax.

Tailor to support your own financial goals

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Estate planning with Lifeplan Wealth Preserver

An effective estate planning protection option.
Take control of how your investment bond is transferred and when payments are made to beneficiaries.
Set up payments as a lump sum, at regular intervals, or a combination of both.
Avoid the upfront and ongoing legal costs that come with setting up trusts and complex wealth transfer structures.
Cut out the cost and complexity of third parties.

Child advancement with Lifeplan Child

Give a child a helping hand by investing in their financial future. 
Designed for parents, grandparents, other family members or friends. 
Retain full control of the investment until the child reaches a specified age—known as the vesting age (between 10 and 25).
When the time comes, transfer to the child without any additional personal income tax, fees or charges.