End of a relationship

There’s a lot to deal with when a relationship ends, but it’s important to get your finances under control.

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Articles and case studies

Sorting your finances after a relationship ends: A checklist.

When a long-term relationship ends, there are sure to be financial knots to untangle. This guide can help.

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Financial agreements: What you need to know.

Striking a fair financial settlement when a relationship ends can ease the pain of separation – and help everyone move on with their lives.

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How to plan your financial future after divorce.

If you’ve recently divorced or separated, these steps can help you to regain your financial independence. 

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A young woman walking and having fund with her friends

Case study: how Joanna regained financial control after her relationship ended.

Summary: Learn how Joanna took control of her money and rebuilt her financial independence.

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Speak to a licensed financial adviser.

An adviser can help you untie finances after a breakup, and get you on the right track for your financial future.

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