Death of a relative

If you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, we’re here to help.

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Articles and case studies

What has to happen when a loved one dies?

At some stage after the passing of a loved one, you’ll need to consider their finances and last wishes.

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The questions about death and finances that will help you plan for the unexpected.

It might require a hard conversation, but a will and power of attorney can help you prepare for the unexpected.

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Estates and probate: What you need to know.

This straightforward guide will help you cut through the confusion about estates and probate.

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Case study: how Venna dealt with her mother’s estate. 

Discover how Venna coped with the practicalities after her mother passed away

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Listen to the "What happens when I die?" podcast series.

Find out how families cope with the overwhelming tasks and what you can do now to avoid the most common problems.

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Speak to a Trustees company.

A Trustee company can help you with estate administration and executor roles during what is often a very emotionally difficult time.

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