Redundancy and retrenchment

Losing your job is stressful, but getting your finances sorted can help reduce the pressure.

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Articles and case studies

Making the most of your redundancy payout.

Your redundancy payment can make a big difference to your future. Here’s what it should include and how you can make it go further.

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Been made redundant? Here's how keep your finances on track.

If you’ve been made redundant, you’ll want to make sure your finances can last through a period of unemployment. 

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How financially secure are you?

If you’re potentially facing a redundancy, there are some things you can do to ensure you’re as financially secure as possible. 

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A young woman cuddling her dog in front of a tree

Case study: how Aisha kept her finances on track after her redundancy.

Learn how Aisha recovered from the blow of redundancy.

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Everything you need to know about emergency funds.

An emergency fund can help you manage your finances when life’s unexpected surprises occur.

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Speak to a licensed financial adviser. 

Assess your shared finances. An adviser can help you manage your income and expenses.

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