Thinking of retirement

Planning for a financially secure and enjoyable future.

Thinking of retirement

Thinking about the lifestyle you want in retirement?

We're here to help.

Setting your goals

No matter what stage of retirement planning you’re in, whether it’s right around the corner or still a while away, we’re here to help.  It’s important to think about the lifestyle you want in retirement and the steps you can take to get there. We recommend looking at it from a short, medium and long-term perspective to develop goals and strategies to achieve the retirement you deserve. Follow the steps below and download our Financial Goals Tracker to start planning your financial wellbeing.

Short-term goals

Starting with short-term money goals, what do you want to achieve in the next 12 months? And what changes or adjustments can you make today to make your goals a reality. For example:

  • consider increasing your super contributions through salary sacrificing some of your income into super 
  • reduce debts and clear any credit card, car or personal loans so you can focus on saving for retirement
  • learn about managing and investing your money and book a consultation with a licensed financial adviser who will help you plan specifically for retirement

Medium-term goals

When you know what you want to achieve in the short term, you can start focusing on your medium-term goals, roughly the next 2-5 years, and the habits and changes you need to make now to achieve them. For example

  • take steps to pay off your mortgage by making extra repayments on your mortgage you can cut your loan by years
  • set aside money for travel by putting a small amount of money into a high-interest account regularly

Long-term goals

Lastly, it’s time to think about your long-term goals – which can be 5 years or 25 years. It can be tricky to plan so far ahead and that’s where a financial adviser or planner can help. For example:

  • retire comfortably. Take on some risk to build wealth. A good financial adviser will adjust your investment strategy as you get closer to retirement age, reducing your exposure to market volatility.  
  • downsize or tree change. Do your research and speak to a financial adviser to help you weigh up the pros and cons