A lot can happen in 10 years

Whether it’s saving to buy a home, working towards paying off the mortgage, funding the trip of a lifetime, investing for children or for your retirement, 10Invest can help you on your way. In the blink of an eye what may start small can grow to something significant.

10Invest is a tax effective alternative to traditional savings or investment products and a great way to save - whether you are a seasoned investor or new to the world of investing.

With no onerous paperwork, six quality index investment options, low costs and the ability to setup a regular savings plan, 10Invest is designed to be straightforward.

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Case studies

With 10Invest you can use time to your advantage. By simply getting started and saving often, a little can go a long way. Let’s look at four ways 10Invest can help achieve long term financial goals.


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Tax smart investing

This is what sets 10Invest apart. Unlike traditional savings or investment products, we pay the tax on your earnings as a tax paid investment at the current life insurance tax rate of 30% – which means you don’t need to include it at tax time.

The longer you invest, the more you benefit.


Easy to save often

Investment bonds are about establishing long-term regular savings habits. With 10Invest you can start with $1,000 or more and contribute as little as $50 per investment option through a regular savings plan.

You can invest as much as you like in the first year, then maximise your savings using the 125% contribution amount thereafter.


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Choose how your money is invested

You control how your money is invested. With 10Invest there are six Vanguard index investment options to choose from. The value of your investment bond will rise or fall with the performance of the underlying investment option/s you’ve chosen, and your earnings are reinvested to further benefit from compounding returns. You can choose to switch between any of the six options at any time (without incurring personal income tax or CGT) to reflect any changing circumstances that can affect your tolerance for risk.

10Invest Vanguard investment options

A mutual understanding

Values are important to us, that’s why we’ve selected Vanguard® a global mutual company as the underlying fund manager of the six investment options available.

Vanguard® is a global mutual company, founded in 1975. Its structure aligns their interests with those of their investors and drives the culture, philosophy and policies throughout the Vanguard® organisation, both here in Australia and globally. With more than AUD $11 trillion as at 31 October 2021, Vanguard® is one of the world’s largest global investment management companies. In Australia, Vanguard® has been serving financial advisers, retail clients and institutional investors for more than 20 years. Vanguard® Investments Australia Ltd ABN 72 072 881 086, AFSL 227263.