Getting married

Tying the knot? It pays to consider your finances before you start planning your big day.

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Getting married - articles and case studies

Learn more about how you can budget for your wedding day and avoid creating a mountain of debt at the start of your life together.

A no-stress approach to creating a wedding budget.

Make your perfect day stress-free by doing your research, getting quotes and keeping track of what you’ve spent.

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Saving for a wedding? Here are some strategies.

Saving for a wedding is simple if you set a goal, curb your expenses and regularly put aside money.

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Getting married? Here's some financial admin you may not have considered.

From combining your bank accounts to organising insurance, here are some of the financial admin tasks to consider as a newly married couple.

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A wedding photo of a woman's hand over the man's hand showing their rings

Getting married? Budgeting for your big day.

Case study: How Elysia and Tino had their big day—without breaking the bank.

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Speak to a licensed financial adviser. 

Assess your shared finances. An adviser can help you manage your income and expenses.

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