Australian shares

A range of professionally managed funds that invest in Australian shares through our investment specialist partners.

Why invest in Australian shares?


Capital growth

Our Australian Share managed funds can boost the value of your investment over the long-term and can be ideal for investors with a relatively high-risk tolerance who are looking to grow their capital.


Our Australian Share managed funds invest in a range of companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) - which can protect your investment from economic volatility.

Proven strong returns over the long-term

Investing in Australian shares through a managed fund is expected to generate higher returns than cash and fixed interest managed funds. Returns are usually derived from the income from dividends as well as capital growth.

Platypus Asset Management


Since 1998, Platypus has offered investors a high conviction, growth-orientated investment approach to the Australian share market.

Deploying unique qualitative and quantitative approaches, Platypus adopts an investment strategy with a small cap bias that focuses on companies with strong earnings profiles.

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Acorn Capital

Founded in 1998, Acorn Capital has one of the largest, most experienced microcap share investment teams in Australia. As an active, research-driven investment manager, Acorn Capital continually seeks to identify and exploit mis-pricing in the Australian microcap sector in order to generate outstanding long-term investment returns.

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Which Australian Share fund may suit you best?