New job

A new job is the perfect time to review your finances and goals. 

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New Job - articles and case studies

Changing jobs? It's time for some financial admin.

Summary: Starting a new job? Here is a list of financial admin tasks to get sorted. 

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A young man sitting at a desk with headphones and working

Case study: new job, new finances—how Ant made the most of his new salary. 

Summary: Discover how Ant used his new job to kickstart his financial future.

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What’s the deal with salary sacrificing for super?

Giving up a portion of your income to increase your superannuation could be a great low-touch way to build for your future.

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How do I choose the right super fund?

Selecting the right super fund is critical for your future financial security. A job change is a great time to evaluate your options.

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What do I need to know about: Superannuation?

Your superannuation holds the key to your wellbeing in retirement, so it’s worth making sure you understand it.

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What do I need to know about: Tax.

Everything you need to know about who pays tax, how it’s collected and what it is used for.

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