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Funds specialising in Fixed Interest & Cash

Fixed income investments such as cash, term deposits and bonds are referred to as 'conservative' or 'defensive' assets because they usually deliver more stable returns with lower volatility than shares.

Our investment specialist in Fixed Interest

Altius Asset Management

Altius employs an active and diversified strategy that aims to capture the upside of the Australian bond market, while avoiding returns less than cash in a rising interest rate or deteriorating credit environment. Altius also offers a pure, sustainable bond investment opportunity for investors seeking an ethical option.
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Why invest in Fixed Interest & Cash?

A stable income

Income returns are stable and paid at regular intervals, normally monthly or quarterly.

A good defence

In times of investment volatility and irrational markets, having a defensive allocation to cash and fixed interest can be an investor’s best protection against capital losses.


Adding a fixed interest investment to your portfolio can help protect it against market volatility and stock market instability.

Strengthened by Unity

Through our investment specialists, we offer expertise in Australian and microcap equities, and fixed interest investments. Australian Unity provides our investment specialists with long-term business support, rigorous institutional oversight and financial stability.
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