Case study:  investing in the future

Discover how David and Patrick were able to build wealth while remaining true to their values.

David, 33, and Patrick, 35, are looking to set themselves up for the future, while still “doing good”. Here’s how they built an investment portfolio that could do both.  

Using your wealth with purpose 

David and Patrick are at the stage in life where they want to regularly set aside part of their income to invest for their future. They have strong beliefs about using their wealth to do the right thing, so it was important that their investments supported society and the environment. 

Exploring their options

To get started, David and Patrick set up a direct debit from their Freedom Saver account into an Active Saver account, which pays them bonus interest when they don’t withdraw money from the account. Over time, they used this nest egg to make a range of responsible investments.

Through their research, the couple discovered there is a growing number of investment options that seek to achieve clean, green outcomes and provide community benefits. 

Helping to make a difference 

Working with their licensed financial adviser, they looked at the outcomes they wanted their investments to support, as well as their own financial goals. The couple then identified different investments that met their needs and investigated those options to get a feel for how their money would be spent. 

Their Australian Unity investments now include:

  • 10Invest, a 10-year investment bond that they add money to each month. This fund pays tax as it goes, so the couple won’t be hit by personal tax when they withdraw their money.
  • Altius Sustainable Bond Fund, which invests in businesses that use their resources responsibly.
  • Healthcare Property Trust, which invests in hospitals and other medical facilities.

David and Patrick are also researching social infrastructure funds, which develop assets society needs to function, such as schools and hospitals.

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Investing in a better world

By carefully researching their investment options, David and Patrick were able to invest in their future while also supporting the causes they care about.

Tips for investing responsibly

Like David and Patrick, more and more investors are choosing to invest ethically. The Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA)’s latest 2019 Australia benchmark report shows $2.24 trillion has already been invested responsibly, representing 44 per cent of all professionally managed assets under management (as a proportion of total assets under management) in the country. Listed below, are some tips to help you start.