International shares

Investing in international shares can give your investment portfolio exposure to some of the world’s biggest companies. With Australian shares only making up about 2% of our global markets, being able to access the growth potential of international markets can make a huge difference.

Why invest in international shares?

Capital growth

Gain exposure to investment potential by investing in quality international companies which can boost your returns over the long term.


A portfolio that holds international shares in addition to other assets can help protect your funds from economic volatility.

Strong return on investment

Investing globally while relatively high risk, can also yield relatively high returns over the long term.


Talaria Asset Management

Creating wealth through a lower risk, income generation approach to global equity investing for over 16 years.

Our investment specialists in International Shares, Talaria aim to produce consistent, positive returns for investors, through investing in companies with established products, proven track records and demonstrable customer loyalty.

Talaria generates consistent income as part of the total fund return, which comes from a variety of sources creating more stable returns for investors.

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