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As one of Australia’s most experienced mutuals and wellbeing organisations, our Wealth business provides economic empowerment opportunities for partners, investors and communities.

Our current partners and in-house expertise

We have strategically built a portfolio of funds over our 20-year history that provide options for the average Australian investor through to institutional and corporate clients. In doing so, we are helping individuals, businesses, sectors and communities achieve financial security through choice, advice and professional management.

Social and sustainable investing

We are passionate about offering your clients options that appeal to their social. We have a suite of products that generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. They include the Healthcare Property Trust, Altius Sustainable Bond Fund, Social Infrastructure Fund, Future of Healthcare Fund and Green Bond Fund. 
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Healthcare funds

The Australian Unity Future of Healthcare fund is focused on delivering long term capital growth whilst enhancing the wellbeing of Australians by investing in the future healthcare needs of Australians.
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Property funds

Australian Unity has actively invested in social infrastructure for over twenty years. Through our Healthcare Property Trust, we are regarded as pioneers in this space, whilst our expertise also spans unlisted, listed and specialist commercial property, including aged care and assisted living complexes. Our aim is to deliver solid and sustainable tax-effective income whilst actively contributing to the progression of Australian communities. 
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Australian share funds

Platypus Asset Management is a growth-style manager with a small cap bias. They can focus on relative or absolute returns, sources of alternative-beta, or low-cost systematic investment approaches. Acorn Capital was a pioneer of the Australian microcap market and has one of the most experienced micro-cap share investment teams in Australia. Acorn’s emerging growth strategy provides long-term investors with access to companies focused on development. 
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Cash and fixed interest funds

We have an in-house specialist fixed interest team, whose broad capability can be applied to meet individual client objectives whether they are focused on relative and/or absolute returns or managing interest rate, credit and liquidity risk. The team also manages an award-winning sustainable strategy in which their high conviction strategies are screened in line with a robust, multi-layered sustainability policy. 
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Diversified funds

We offer a range of diversified strategies to match various risk-return profiles. Our capability enables us to combine active and passive strategies and manage a combination of income and capital growth objectives. 
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International share funds

Talaria is a high conviction, large cap international share fund manager, with an investment objective to produce consistent, positive returns while reducing downside risk. Talaria takes advantage of longer-term opportunities during periods of both stable and unstable markets. 
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