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Australian Unity and COVID-19

Private Health Insurance
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Retirement Communities
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Residential Aged Care
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Home & Disability Services
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Aboriginal Home Care
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Investors and Financial Advisers
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Australian Unity is doing all it can to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on its members, customers, employees and the communities in which we live and work.

The wellbeing of our customers and our people is our highest priority in these challenging times and we are doing everything we can to support and care for them.

Our aged care services

Our primary focus is the health and wellbeing of the 50,000-plus older Australians and 6000 workers across our home care services and residential communities.

We have systems in place to best prevent and respond to outbreaks, and our employees have been advised on infection control and how to identify early symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

We will continue to work with health authorities and review and update infection control procedures as required.

Our other businesses

We are aware of the concerns that COVID-19 is causing customers across all our businesses, which span a wide variety of wellbeing offerings including dental and allied health services, private health insurance, banking, financial advice, investments, general insurance, property, and trustee services.

We are communicating with members and customers across all our businesses about what we can do to help them and how we are protecting the services and products they value in the face of the disruption being caused by COVID-19.

Our employees

We are taking measures to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our 7000-plus employees.

As well as the specific measures to support and protect our home and residential care workers, we are supporting most of our office-based employees to work from home.

For information

For up-to-date information on what Australian Unity’s businesses are doing in response to COVID-19, click on the links above. 

For up-to-date health information, visit these websites: