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COVID-19 and your Home Care Services

At Australian Unity, our biggest priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our customers and our people who care for them. That's why we're committed to supporting you throughout the COVID-19 health crisis.

Quality controls to protect our people and customers

While the situation with COVID-19 is developing rapidly and changing daily, please rest assured that we're actively monitoring and acting on all appropriate advice from government and health authorities, supported by our own Chief Medical Advisor.

Australian Unity has moved quickly put strong processes in place to prevent cases of COVID-19 that may occur within our workforce from affecting our customers. We are actively identifying, assessing and managing risks relating to our services to try to reduce transmission of the virus.

We're confident our customers can continue to safely use our services during these challenging times. We are making sure our frontline employees (in particular, our care workers and community nurses) are trained, equipped and capable of doing what's needed to:

  • Prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, including COVID-19, within the community,
  • Ensure compliance with government health regulations and social distancing directives, and
  • Amplify existing infection prevention and control procedures and how they apply to COVID-19.

At an organisational level, we've also put processes in place to:

  • Promptly identify and manage customers and employees who have, or may have been exposed to, COVID-19 through any interaction with Australian Unity,
  • Inform relevant Australian Unity employees and customers, as well as government health authorities, of any COVID-19 related issues, including confirmed cases, and
  • Support affected employees and customers who have been confirmed as having COVID-19 as much as possible

Day-to-day, we continue to offer a range of important hands-on and contactless support services, supported by robust measures to ensure safety, including:

  • A pre-screening process before every customer service to proactively identity potential risks and determine whether services can proceed safely,
  • Providing additional training for personal protective equipment (PPE), infection prevention and control and hand hygiene for our employees,
  • Adhering to government advice on when our employees should wear PPE and rapidly updating our practices if government advice changes,
  • Seeking additional essential equipment where required and distributing quickly to our local branches,
  • Providing clear directives that our employees must not come to work or visit customers if they are unwell. In particular, if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms (such as fever, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath) or have had close contact with someone who has been confirmed as having COVID-19, or someone who is currently being tested for COVID-19,
  • Implementing special leave arrangements to support our people when needed, and
  • Producing a range of additional resources to support the health and emotional wellbeing of our employees.

If you have any questions about our safety measures, or an upcoming home care services appointment, please contact your local Australian Unity branch.


What if I think I have symptoms of COVID-19?

If you think you have symptoms, phone the Australian Government's Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080 or your GP who will be able to provide you with further advice. Please also call your local Australian Unity branch to let them know if you are due to receive any face-to-face services.

Primary health providers, GPs, community health workers and emergency departments in Australia have been provided with updated advice and guidance on how to diagnose and manage this condition.

How is Australian Unity communicating with customers about coronavirus?

We're keeping customers up to date by phone, through our website, in our Flourish magazine and by distributing flyers via our care workers and in our monthly bills. Also, please feel free to contact your local branch if you have any additional questions.

What if I need extra support due to social distancing recommendations?

We're always here to support you if your needs change, and particularly during the current situation. Some services that might help to support you through social distancing include assisted or unassisted food shopping, meal preparation and collecting prescription medicines. We are also in the process of developing new contactless services and will let you know as soon as they are available.

Home Care Services available in your area: 

Enter your suburb or postcode to find which Home Care services are available in your area. To find out more about the availability of specific services, please phone 1300 160 170


Coronavirus Health Information Line, which can answer questions about COVID-19 - please call 1800 020 080. It is now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line for Senior Australians - please call 1800 171 866 Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6.00pm.

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