Supplier code of conduct

At Australian Unity we strive to enhance the wellbeing of our members, our customers and our community and the Supplier Code of Conduct (the “Code”) will assist in achieving this goal.

Australian Unity is committed to the highest ethical standards in all its business dealings. It therefore expects that suppliers, contractors and consultants (collectively “Suppliers”) who sell goods or services to Australian Unity Limited and its subsidiaries (collectively “Australian Unity”), will also act responsibly and ethically. This means their business dealings will be conducted with integrity and comply with local and applicable international laws, while demonstrating a willingness to uphold the values of Australian Unity.

To help establish a strong foundation in the relationships between Australian Unity and its Suppliers, Australian Unity expects that its Suppliers:

  • will agree to the Code;
  • will be responsible for ensuring that their employees, representatives and sub-contractors understand the Code;
  • will ensure that their employees, representatives and sub-contractors adhere to the obligations set out in the Code.

Australian Unity may also require Suppliers to complete a questionnaire which forms part of Australian Unity’s Supplier due diligence process.