Case study: a set-and-forget investment strategy

Learn why time-poor Vera and Kim built a set-and-forget,professional managed and diversified investment portfolio.

When life gets busy, you want peace of mind that your investments are working to support your family’s financial goals. This was certainly the case for time-poor couple Vera, 47, and Kim, 46. Here’s what they did to create a set-and-forget investment strategy, so they could get on with everyday life. 

A balancing act

It’s fair to say life is frantic for Vera and Kim. Between holding down full-time jobs, looking after two energetic kids and, increasingly, caring for ageing parents, there’s not a lot of time to spend on themselves — let alone their finances.

The power of financial advice from a licensed adviser 

Vera and Kim decided to pause for a moment and get their finances in order, once and for all. They spoke to a licensed financial adviser about the steps required to set themselves up financially, from saving for the kids’ education to diversifying their investment portfolio. It was the financial health check they needed to gain some peace of mind.

Diversification is the key 

In the initial meeting with their adviser, Vera and Kim spent time talking about what matters to them in life. This helped their adviser develop a portfolio of assets that allows them to achieve their goals. The adviser recommended they consider: 

  • Investing in the Australian Unity PRO-D Balanced fund, as this is a diversified managed fund, as this is a diversified managed fund which provides stable income and some capital growth over the long term. Given their kids are still relatively young, this fund’s time horizon is appropriate to help them save towards the kids’ education. 
  • Putting money into a tax-effective education savings fund, which allows them to adjust their contributions as their circumstances change.   
  • Using their wealth to contribute to effective social outcomes, as being socially and environmentally responsible is important to the couple. They decided to spread income across the Altius Sustainable Bond Fund, Healthcare Property Trust and several social infrastructure funds.  

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Taking control and living life

Because their investment portfolio is diversified, Vera and Kim are comfortable with market rises and falls over the short term. This provides them with a set-and-forget approach that suits their busy lifestyle — except, of course, for once-a-year check-in with their licensed financial adviser to review their portfolio and make sure it’s still fit for purpose.

Tips for getting your finances in order

As life gets increasingly busy, it can feel like there’s not enough time in the day. Listed below are some tips for putting your investments on autopilot.

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