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Australian Unity puts its views on Constitutional Recognition of our First Peoples to Parliamentary Committee

04 Oct 2018 - Australian Unity's submission to Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Recognition

Kevin McCoy's CEDA address

05 Mar 2018 - On Friday 2 March 2018, CEO of our Independent and Assisted Living business, Kevin McCoy gave a speech to the CEDA members in Melbourne. He discussed the challenges our clients face and in particular our elderly clients and what we, as a nation, need to do to prepare for the future with an ageing population. Read an edited version of Kevin’s full speech here.

Australia Day 2018 - The dignity of risk

29 Jan 2018 - On Australia Day 2018, Australian Unity hosted the Great Australia Day Breakfast at Parliament House, Melbourne. Each year a guest speaker shines a light on a subject close to the heart of our organisation. This year Maryanne Diamond AO spoke about "The dignity of risk". Maryanne is an internationally recognised disability advocate and spoke about how taking risk is a normal part of everyday life and people living with a disability should be allowed to take those risks too. 

The Australian CEO survey 2017

20 Dec 2017 - Each year The Australian surveys 100 CEO’s on a range of issues. This year the questions were as follows:

Wellbeing study of Carers

20 Dec 2017 - As part of the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index project, Australian Unity has partnered with Deakin University on a study examining whether an App-based monitoring and mindfulness program (StressLess) can support voluntary carers. 

Australian Unity backs new report on Mutuals' access to capital

09 Nov 2017 - Australian Unity supports the recommendations in a report released by federal Treasurer Scott Morrison concerning the recognition of mutual organisations within the Corporations Act, and how mutuals can access capital. The report, known as the Hammond Report, makes 11 recommendations concerning the status and treatment of mutuals and co-operative organisation. 

Unintended consequences of proposed banking legislation

02 Oct 2017 - Australian Unity has raised concerns about the potential for unintended consequences of proposed legislation regarding the accountability and remuneration of banking executives.

Australian Unity submission to In Home Care Discussion Paper

28 Aug 2017 - As a provider of in-home care to tens of thousands of Australians, Australian Unity believes that consumer-directed care is an appropriate model for the in-home aged care sector, that (aside from some special needs groups) a nationally consistent approach to assigning home care packages is in the best interests of older Australians, and that red-tape reduction for providers is a crucial goal in ensuring the sector’s long-term sustainability.

Amanda Hagan, CEO of Healthcare at Australian Unity discusses mental health at Health Insurance Summit 2017

31 Jul 2017 - Healthcare CEO at Australian Unity, Amanda Hagan suggests people with anxiety and depression can be successfully treated through an innovative program that could help control burgeoning mental health costs in the health system. In a speech to the Health Insurance Summit, Ms Hagan warns the current funding arrangements in the health system are stifling innovation. Read Amanda's speaking notes here (pdf)  View Amanda's presentation here (pdf) 

A new look at Aged Care quality standards

05 Jun 2017 - Australian Unity has provided views to the federal government on how Aged Care Quality standards can be improved.

Australian Unity's view on NDIS costs

29 May 2017 - Australian Unity supports the NDIS model of consumer-directed care to deliver health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals and value for communities and taxpayers. But getting the market design and cost structure right for both consumers and providers is critical to its sustainability.

Australian Unity Submission to Independent Facilitator

19 May 2017 - Australian Unity is calling on the federal government for a change in the law to better recognise the status of mutual organisations in the Corporations Act and to enable mutual organisations to raise capital through a new form of instrument, a Mutual Capital Instrument. The federal Treasurer Scott Morrison has appointed an Independent Facilitator, Greg Hammond AO, to examine whether and how to recognise mutual organisations in the Corporations Act, after an earlier Senate Inquiry into the matter.

Australia Day date debate gains traction after breakfast speech

27 Jan 2017 - Australian Unity’s Great Australia Day Breakfast in Parliament House was the venue for a speech by former Coalition minister Ian Macfarlane that stirred considerable discussion about whether 26th January is the appropriate date to celebrate Australia Day.