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  1. Select Income Fund

Select Income Fund

Monthly income stream


About the Fund

The Fund is a contributory mortgage fund that provides investors with the opportunity to select and invest in a range of investments which offer differing levels of returns, duration of term, and risk profile.

Each investment, known as a Syndicate-Fund, provides exposure to a registered first mortgage loan which has been sourced by our experienced mortgage team.

Investors may select a one Syndicate-Fund, or diversify their portfolio across a number of Syndicate-Funds, according to their investment objectives and risk profile.

How it works >

Why Invest?

Boost your income

Receive monthly income payments.

Choice and control

Choice and control

Investors select the investments, each offering different levels of return, duration of term, and risk.

Wealth of experience

Access to one of the largest and most experienced managers of unlisted property and mortgages in Australia.

Getting Started

Download the PDS

The Product Disclosure Statement explains everything you need to know about the Fund before decide to invest.

PDS & Application Forms

Step 1 - Application

Complete the application form contained in the PDS and select either the Specific Investment Authority or General Investment Authority.

Once your application is accepted, your funds will be deposited in the Cash Account.

Step 2 - Select your investments

Access detailed information about each of the Syndicate-Funds and take control by selecting which investment suits you.

If you have selected the General Investment Authority, you will generally be allocated to the first available Syndicate-Fund.

Open investments

Our investment approach is based on providing a stable return and protecting the capital that you have invested in each Syndicate-Fund.

Before a registered first mortgage loan is offered for investment through a Syndicate-Fund, it is carefully assessed by our experienced mortgage team in accordance with Australian Unity’s commercial lending framework, and independently verified by qualified valuers and quantity surveyors.

Brunswick West, VIC (503)

  • Interest rate: 7.75%*
  • LVR: 64.36%*
  • Expected maturity: Dec 2018
  • Type: Residential / Construction

Carnegie, VIC (487)

  • Interest rate: 7.25%*
  • LVR: 66.67%*
  • Expected maturity: May 2017
  • Type: Residential/Construction

Clifton Hill, VIC (489)

  • Interest rate: 7.25%*
  • LVR: 62.34%*
  • Expected maturity: November 2018
  • Type: Mixed Use - Construction

Warrawee, NSW (486)

  • Interest rate: 7.25%*
  • LVR: 63.54%*
  • Expected maturity: November 2018
  • Type: Residential/Construction


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Important Information

The interests in the Australian Unity Select Income Fund ARSN 091 886 789 are issued by Australian Unity Funds Management Limited ABN 60 071 497 115, AFS Licence No. 234454. Information provided here is general information only and current at the time of publication and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. In deciding whether to acquire, hold or dispose of the product you should obtain a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and seek professional financial and taxation advice. This information is intended for recipients in Australia only. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

* Interest rates, Loan to Value Ratios (LVRs) and investment terms are subject to a number of assumptions and risk that are detailed in the PDS and SPDS. Interest rates quoted are not guaranteed.

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