Tips to help you save

6 ways to help you save on health insurance

1. Choose Value

Make sure your choice of health cover isn't made on price alone, because a cheaper premium may not cover your needs.

If you want the best value from your health cover, contact us to check that your cover is still right for your circumstances. And remember, if you do decide to downgrade, there are likely to be limitations or restrictions with your new cover.

2. Use your extras

If you pay for extras make sure you use them. Your extras benefits are reset each calendar year and you can easily keep track of the benefits you have and haven't claimed at Online Member Services.

3. Save by using Direct Debit

Save 4% on your health insurance by paying with direct debit from your bank account or credit card. It saves you the hassle of remembering to pay your premium each month, plus it saves you money on your health cover.

To set up a direct debit call 13 29 39 or log in to Online Member Services.

4. Increasing your excess lowers your premiums

Many of our hospital and combination policies have an excess, which you can choose to increase if you want to save on your premiums.

5. Don't miss out on the rebate

The Australian Government Rebate helps make private health insurance more affordable. Rebates apply to both hospital and extras cover, so even if you've got an extras only policy, you could still save money.

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6. Stay covered

If you're over 30 and you let your hospitial cover lapse you can be affected by the Federal Government's Lifetime Health Cover loading.

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