Bone Density Scan

What is it?

Osteoporosis is when bones become less dense, lose strength and break more easily due to calcium loss. A bone density scan measures bone density and will determine if any action is needed to improve your bone health.

How does it work?

Subject to eligibility criteria below, we’ll pay a benefit of up to 70% of the fee charged, up to $70 per person, once every five (5) calendar years towards a Bone Density Scan (DEXA), when you’re not eligible for a benefit under Medicare or covered by the free Federally funded screening program for Australians over 70 years of age.

Are you eligible?

To access the Bone Density Scan, you need to

  • hold an appropriate level of private hospital cover with Australian Unity
  • have held that level of cover for at least 12 months
  • have a referral from a healthcare practitoner

To check your eligibility, please contact Australian Unity on 13 29 39.

How to claim

To claim, just send in your receipt along with your referral from a healthcare practitioner and a completed health cover claim form to Australian Unity.

Find out more

To find out more about this program, call 13 29 39 or contact us online.

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