Simple Useful tips for Spring Racing

Time for Tea
As some of the pinnacle events of the spring racing calendar approach many of us will begin preparation for a fun day at the race track. Maybe you’re heading to one of the big meets or perhaps you’re planning a more low-key day at a country event. Whatever your spring racing plans you’re best to factor in some of the tips below to help ensure it’s a good day out.
  1. Select sensible shoes.

While we may want gorgeous—high— heels to match our outfit it’s best to remember that many areas of a racecourse are turf which is a far from ideal surface for sharp stiletto heels. To avoid sinking and getting stuck it’s best to wear something comfortable with a solid, sturdy heel—a sprained ankle is a sure way to ruin your day!

  1. Beware of blisters.

Remember that you could spend much of the day on your feet—another good reason to give some thought to comfortable shoes. However even the sturdiest of heels can’t prevent a blister. Why not be prepared and pop a couple of small adhesive bandages in your bag before you leave? They don’t take much room and can help you last the day in your fancy footwear.

  1. Beware of the bubbles!

Many of us plan to enjoy a few alcoholic beverages during our day at the races however it can often be a long day. So that you last the distance make sure that you drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated. Try alternating alcoholic drinks with water or carry a bottle of water with you to sip from frequently during the day.

  1. Don’t forget about food.

In the rush to get ready for the day we can often skip breakfast and in the excitement of arriving at the races we might also forget to eat lunch. Make sure you’re not running on empty and factor these meals into your race day preparation. Or perhaps pop some snacks in your bag to give you fuel to get through the day in a healthy way.

  1. Wear a hat!

This might sound more like fashion advice than a healthy tip however hats provide a very practical benefit at the races too. You could spend much of your day out-of-doors so it’s best to keep yourself well shaded from the sun, which can be unexpectedly hot at this time of year! Perhaps forgo the fascinator in preference for something with a broader brim. It’s best to slop on some sunscreen too. If possible, try carrying a small tube with you for reapplication throughout the day. Sun burn at any time is bad but it’s a particularly poor look if you’re planning on attending the races on multiple days this season, no one wants to look like a lobster!

  1. Don’t drive.

Hopefully this is an obvious piece of advice but if you’re drinking then you shouldn’t be driving home. Public transport is generally an affordable and easy transport option but if you want to make your day a little more fun why not consider doing something a bit special? If you’re heading to Flemington you could take a water taxi or even a helicopter!

  1. Know your limits.

While it can be fun to have a flutter at the races no one wants to wake-up with big financial regrets the following day. Give some thought to how much you’re prepared to spend betting before you hit the track. How much can you afford to lose? Stick to your limits and remember that there’s no such thing as a “sure thing”!


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