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You choose who you see

You can continue to see your favourite dentist, physio, optometrist or other practitioner as long as they’re in private practice and are recognised by Australian Unity. Ask your practitioner if they are recognised by us, or call Australian Unity on 13 29 39.

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Claim sooner when you switch

When you switch to us within 30 days of leaving your old fund, we'll recognise the waiting periods you've already served. That means you don't have to start all over again, and can start claiming sooner if you're switching from a cover with a similar or higher level of benefits.

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Get rewards and discounts

You don’t have to be sick or going to hospital to receive benefits from your health cover. Australian Unity members can enjoy a wide range of ongoing discounts and rewards (in addition to great health cover).

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Why choose Australian Unity?

Health insurance is not one-size-fits-all, and most people’s needs change at different stages during their life:

  • Young and healthy? You’re probably looking for a basic level of cover that includes things like dental and physio.
  • Planning on starting a family? You’re going to want to look at hospital cover that includes pregnancy, and possibly also fertility treatments and a private midwife.
  • Caring for an established family? You’re looking for a good level of hospital and extras cover to protect your family, and can usually save a bit of money by dropping the pregnancy cover.
  • Not as young as you used to be? In addition to good hospital cover and great dental cover, you’re likely also looking for services to help manage your health.

Australian Unity offers a range of hospital and extras covers that you can mix-and-match to find the combination that best suits your changing needs.

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