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  1. Community partners

Community partners

A mutual organisation

As a mutual organisation, partnering with not-for-profit organisations that effect social change supports our purpose of helping people thrive. The following six organisations have been chosen for the work they perform in the community and their alignment to our community focus areas: reconciliation, financial wellbeing, disability and mental health.

Australian Unity’s community partners

Australian Red Cross

Australian Red Cross assists the most vulnerable in times of peace and crisis, and advocates on their behalf to effect policy change.
Australian Red Cross website

Black Dog Institute

Black Dog Institute provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health.
Black Dog Institute website

First Peoples Disability Network

First Peoples Disability Network engages and advocates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living with a disability.
First Peoples Disability Network website

Purple House

Purple House is located in Alice Springs and provides health, social support and employment services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
Purple House website

StartOut Australia

StartOut Australia matches young people of diverse sexualities and genders with role models to help build resilience and self-acceptance.
StartOut Australia website

Women’s Information and Referral Exchange WIRE

Women’s Information and Referral Exchange WIRE is a confidential referral service for women in Victoria, supporting any woman on any issue.
WIRE website

We provide products designed to enable customers and members to thrive

Australian Unity in the community

Australian Unity is a company founded on social values and community contribution.  Established in response to unmet community needs in 1840, we continue to identify and help solve the health and financial needs of the broader community.

Happy old man

Wellbeing index

Since 2000, we've been at the forefront of measuring the happiness and wellbeing of Australians. 

Financial Inclusion Action Plan

We are using our individual commitment and collective range of skills to support those facing financial exclusion

Read more about our financial inclusion action plan
Indigenous dancers

Reconciliation Action Plan

We are dedicated to driving reconciliation through employment and training outcomes.