Financial Inclusion Action Plan

Fighting financial hardship

In 2018, we launched our Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP) with the goal of improving the financial wellbeing of the three million Australians experiencing financial hardship.

We joined the Financial Inclusion Action Plan program and developed our specific FIAP in partnership with the Australian Government, Good Shepherd Microfinance, EY and the Centre for Social Impact.

What is a FIAP?

With increasing income inequality and job insecurity, financial stress is on the rise.

A FIAP provides an opportunity for organisations across the government, not-for-profit, academia and private sectors to help people in our communities experiencing financial difficulties.

A trigger such as health issues, inability to raise funds in an emergency or a life-changing event such as having a baby can leave individuals financially vulnerable. Our FIAP draws on Australian Unity’s diverse range of products, services and skills to support people at risk of financial hardship and offers them an opportunity to thrive.

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Creating community value by enabling financial wellbeing