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Financial Inclusion Action Plan

In November 2016, Australian Unity joined the Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP) program, developed in partnership with the Australian Government, Good Shepherd Microfinance, EY and the Centre of Social Impact.

A financial inclusion action plan provides an opportunity for organisations to take action towards increasing the financial resilience of the three million Australians that are financially excluded. Financial exclusion can be triggered by a health issue, social isolation, lack of financial literacy, and unemployment, to name a few.

Australian Unity has committed to developing its own FIAP by August 2017. We will draw on our diverse range of products, services and skills to identify those at risk of financial exclusion and offer opportunities to help them thrive.

We are proud to join this important initiative. To read our statement of commitment, please click on the available download.

Download our statement of commitment (PDF 88.3KB)