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Our foundation

In 2006, we set up the Australian Unity Foundation to help our employees and members support worthwhile community activities.

Grant recipients 2019

When it comes to reaching your full potential, the environment you’re in counts for so much. The safer, happier and more supportive it is, the better your odds are of getting ahead.

Each year, we help community groups working to foster these crucial spaces. Since the foundation was established, we’ve donated over $1.8 million to groups across Australia.

In 2019, we awarded grants of $160,000 to the following community groups. Our grants have gone to organisations that have a positive impact in our focus areas of Reconciliation, Disability and Financial Wellbeing.

Two year (2018/2019) Community Impact Grants

First Nations Foundation 

First Nations Foundation (FNF) focus is on building the financial literacy of Indigenous Australians – through advocacy, training and events.

For the past 10 years, FNF has worked as the go-between for Indigenous communities and the financial sector, helping to improve financial experience, understanding and skills.

They run a financial literacy program called ‘My Moola’, created alongside Indigenous communities and run by Indigenous trainers. Our partnership with FNF will assist them in digitising this landmark, face-to-face, financial literacy program to allow greater reach to Indigenous communities around Australia.

Find out more at First Nations Foundation


Jigsaw is a social enterprise that provides employment, training and employment pathways for people with a disability. Through our 2-year partnership with Jigsaw, we are supporting one of their business streams: Jigsaw TEMPS. Jigsaw TEMPS transitions employees who have gone through Jigsaw's learning programs into mainstream employment.

Find out more at Jigsaw by Fighting Chance

One year grants


Women's Information and Referral Exchange (WIRE) 

WIRE is a leading women’s service delivery organisation with more than 30 years’ experience, providing support through free services including a telephone support line, email, online and face to face. WIRE also provides programs and services including job coaching and employment workshops, a financial and legal clinic, lunchtime clubs and activities for those suffering from isolation or homelessness.

Our partnership with WIRE will fund the “Empowering through Information” project. Information is central to empowering decision making and WIRE is committed to supporting women and gender diverse people in making genuine choices in their lives. The project will revise, update and relaunch critical booklets on financial abuse and family violence to better support the financial wellbeing and mental health of those facing financial abuse and family violence.

Find out more at WIRE

Purple House

Purple House 

Purple House is an innovative, Indigenous-owned and run health service, operating remote dialysis clinics and a mobile dialysis unit called the Purple Truck. They provide social support, health services and employment opportunities for Indigenous peoples.

Our partnership with Purple House will keep the Purple Truck on the road for one year, travelling out to more communities. The Purple Truck will enable people to stay home during treatment, allowing them to spend more time with their families, keeping their culture alive and elder leadership on Country. The Purple Truck will also help to combat depression and isolation, demystify dialysis in communities and help people to engage with chronic disease management.

Find out more at PURPLE HOUSE

Red cross staff member with lady and baby

Australian Red Cross

In response to the significant mental health and personal wellbeing challenges experienced by young parents, this year, funding will be used specifically to support the YPP Mental Health Pilot Project to improve the mental health outcomes for young families.

Find out more at Australian Red Cross

Black Dog

Black Dog Institute

Our partnership with Black Dog Institute will support its inaugural Exercise Your Mood walk (EYMW) event on October 12, 2019. The event aims to bring the community together in safe and supportive environment to talk about mental health, the benefits of physical activity on mental health, explore arts-based treatments for mental illness (ABKY), and to raise vital funds for Black Dog Institute's education programs.

EYMW will improve awareness of mental illness and breakdown the stigma that often surrounds the topic of mental illness.

Find out more at Black Dog Institute