Case study:  setting up for retirement

Discover how Melike built her retirement nest egg in her fifties.

Melike was 53 when she decided to get serious about her retirement savings. Here’s how she worked with a licensed financial adviser to develop an investment plan in line with her risk profile. 

Planning for a comfortable retirement

Even though retirement is still more than a decade away, Melike knows she needs to put the right strategies in place to be able to afford a comfortable retirement in her sixties. She currently has a superannuation balance of $170,000 and is in the fortunate position of working in a relatively secure industry, but she needs help to reach her retirement goals.

Understanding your risk appetite

Melike has been burned by bad investments in the past and, as a result, she considers herself a conservative investor. Using this knowledge, her licensed financial adviser developed a strategy that helps to minimise her risks and allows her to build her assets before and even after she retires.

Balancing risk and reward

Together, Melike and her adviser reviewed her lifestyle, to work out how much income she would need when she retires.  Melike explains that she could take on some risks to build her wealth, but not is not comfortable with the prospect of risking all her capital. Using her superannuation nest egg, Melike’s adviser recommends:  

  • Some exposure to the equities market. This is higher risk than cash or fixed-interest investments, but it also has the potential for greater rewards — Melike’s 14-year time frame suggests she could ride out potential market volatility. Her adviser recommends the Platypus Australian Equities Fund, which gives her a diversified equities exposure and the potential for above-market returns.
  • Some savings be allocated to a bond fund, such as the Altius Bond Fund, which aims to generate regular income with low capital volatility. This has a lower risk profile compared to Melike’s equities investment, is a good source of diversification, and acts as the defensive component of her portfolio to protect her wealth through market cycles.

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Checking in — to make sure you stay on the right course

For Melike, putting the right strategy in place to build a nest egg has given her peace of mind. “I look forward to my annual reviews with my adviser,” she says. “We analyse my investments’ performance and make sure it’s still appropriate for me as I get closer to retirement.”

Tips for preparing for a comfortable retirement

Your fifties can be an important turning point in your wealth-creation journey. While everyone’s situation is different, the below tips may help you identify strategies that could build your wealth for your retirement years.

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