Case study: finding the right residential care for a parent

Discover how Charles found and paid for his father’s aged care home.

When his father showed increasing signs of dementia, Charles knew it was time for a higher level of care. Here’s how he researched and funded the aged care home that would best suit his father.

Time for more care

Charles father has been living alone in the family home since his wife died five years ago. At the age of 79, he has started to show increasing signs of dementia,and Charles believes he will soon need to enter an aged care home

Accessing subsidised aged care services


Knowing it was best to avoid making decisions in a crisis, Charles began to research the options before the situation became urgent. Through the government website, My Aged Care, he arranged to complete the first step which involved a visit by a member of a local Aged Care Assessment Team. They assessed what type of government subsidised aged care services his father was eligible for.

Considering costs

After receiving approval for residential aged care, Charles investigated costs. He discovered that the amount to be paid depended on several variables, including:

  • the type of support required such as specialist dementia care
  • the chosen aged care provider
  • his father’s financial situation 
  • any extra services he may need to pay for

He found a local aged care home where his dad would feel safe and comfortable, but he still wasn’t sure how best to pay any ongoing aged care costs. After talking to a licensed financial adviser, however, Charles decided to sell the family home to fund his father’s move. 

Old man with glasses smiling

Taking action before things get urgent

Exploring the options before the situation became critical meant that Charles was able to take his time to find an aged care home that was right for his father and would suit the family’s financial situation. Charles’ father is now comfortable and well cared for in an aged care home within easy reach of the family. 

Tips for finding care for your parents

As Charles discovered, finding and paying for the right aged care home can be a complicated process. The tips below can help you navigate the process.

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