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Australian Unity's Diversified Property Fund added to Netwealth's Super and Investment Wealth Accelerator Plus platforms

06 Jun 2018

Australian Unity’s Diversified Property Fund (Fund) has been added to Netwealth’s Super and Investment Wealth Accelerator Plus platforms.

The Fund owns eight properties across the office, retail and industrial sectors which are located in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. It aims to deliver consistent income distributions with the potential for capital growth. For the one year period to 31 March 2018, the Fund delivered a total return of 16.18 per cent, comprising 7.96 per cent distribution return and an 8.22 per cent growth return.

Nikki Panagopoulos, fund manager, said the Fund has delivered investors strong, steady income distributions particularly since Australian Unity took over its management in 2010.

“The Fund’s strategy is to continue to add value for investors while focusing on income generation, with an active development pipeline underway across a number of properties.

“Right now we are raising capital to fund a number of exciting property development projects.  These developments are targeted to improve tenant amenities, increase lettable area and build on the quality of the existing property portfolio which is designed to improve investor returns.

“For example, in April approval for the next stage of a significant development at Busselton Central Shopping Centre in Western Australia, was cemented which will see the addition of a new Coles on a 15 year lease, as well as specialty retailers. 

The $343 million Fund has a Recommended rating from Lonsec. Australian Unity’s forecast distribution range for the Fund for the year to 31 March 2019 is 6.5- 6.9 per cent.* 

The occupancy of the Fund’s portfolio was 98.9 per cent by income and its weighted average lease expiry was 3.82 years by base rental income at 31 March 2018.

The Fund’s three-year return was 17.31 per cent per annum and the five-year return was 13.93 per cent per annum. These returns exceed the three and five year returns from the Mercer/IPD Australia Unlisted Wholesale Property Fund Index for the same period.  



Further information:

Nathan Clarke

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* The distribution return range forecasts are for the full year to 31 March 2019 and are made on the basis of a number of assumptions and estimates. The assumptions and estimates are updated quarterly. The forecast distribution return ranges are not guaranteed and are provided only to indicate current distribution projections for the Fund. We emphasise that investment decisions should not be based on forecast returns, past performance, distribution rate, or the rating given by a rating agency for the Fund, since these can vary, and are current only to the date of this publication. For more information on the basis for the Fund’s forecast distribution return ranges, refer to the “Forecast distribution range” link on the Fund’s webpage.


About Australian Unity

Australian Unity is a national health, wealth and living mutual company providing services to almost one million Australians, including more than 280,000 members. Australian Unity’s history as a trusted mutual organisation dates back to 1840. It has grown organically—by continually evolving to provide the services and products needed by the communities it serves—as well as through successful strategic mergers and diversification in to new business activities.


About the Australian Unity Diversified Property Fund

The Diversified Property Fund owns eight commercial properties across Australia that are actively managed by a dedicated, specialist property team.  The Fund is genuinely diversified by geography and property sector.  For investors, the Fund has delivered strong, steady income distributions, particularly since Australian Unity took over its management in October 2010.

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