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Get answers to our most frequently asked questions, including information about private health insurance, joining a health fund, using your cover, and surcharges, loadings and rebates.

Fact sheets

These provide an overview of our hospital and extras covers, and include information like services and procedures covered, available benefits and waiting periods.

Member guide

This guide includes lots of handy tips, including the best way to seek treatment, make claims and manage your cover.

Terms and conditions

This 8-page document provides a summary about your health cover and how to use it, plus includes some Australian Unity specific things like privacy, billing and how to send us feedback.

Fund Rules

This 45-page document contains comprehensive information about the rights and obligations of the health fund and our members.

Australian Unity Health Limited Constitution

This 43-page document provides details about the rules under which Australian Unity Health Limited (the company responsible for the health fund) is governed.

Australian Unity Limited Constitution

This 30-page document details the rules under which Australian Unity Limited (the parent company of Australian Unity Health Limited) is governed.