Australian Unity Health Deregistration Policy

Australian Unity operates on commercial principles with a social purpose. We believe in core values to our way of being. Be bold, be warm and be honest.

All information considered in reviewing a provider’s registration is set against internal criteria, which are at the discretion of Australian Unity.

Where a member may be seen to be adversely affected by Australian Unity’s decision to deregister a provider, Australian Unity may review such cases individually.

Who can gain registration?

Registration is available to providers of recognised modalities which;

  • Meet the legislative requirements set out in the Private Health Insurance (Accreditation) Rules (as current)
  • Meet the Australian Unity Recognition Requirements for Natural Therapy Providers or Allied Health Providers as appropriate.

Specific provider requirements differ between Allied Health services and Natural Health services. For specific provider service requirements please see the Recognition Requirements documents on our website or contact our Provider Support Team on 1800 035 360

All recognised providers agree to be bound by the Australian Unity Ancillary Provider Terms and Conditions. This document can be found on our website.

Australian Unity may amend these requirements from time to time in its discretion.

Why a provider may be deregistered?

A provider may be deregistered from Australian Unity where Australian Unity reasonably believes a provider has breached the Recognition Requirements for Natural Therapy Providers or Allied Health Providers, our Recognised Ancillary Provider Terms & Conditions or otherwise has failed to uphold Australian Unity’s policies, procedures or values.

With this in mind, a provider may also be deregistered from Australian Unity where:

1.1 a provider’s conduct is deemed by Australian Unity to be in breach of any Federal, State or Territory laws and regulation applicable to the delivery of the provider’s services;

1.2 a provider’s conduct is in breach of their association’s Code of Conduct, accreditation or other regulatory requirements;

1.3 records of benefits claimed are deemed by Australian Unity to be irregular, inappropriate, unsubstantiated or inaccurate;

1.4 a provider uses Australian Unity’s brand or intellectual property without Australian Unity’s prior written consent;

1.5 a provider engages in conduct that Australian Unity deems will bring or has brought Australian Unity’s reputation into disrepute;

1.6 a provider’s conduct is reasonably considered by Australian Unity to misalign with the interests and values of Australian Unity;

1.7 Australian Unity has chosen to cease recognition of the provider’s service type;

1.8 Australian Unity believes the safety of Australian Unity members may be at risk through receiving treatment from the provider or by attending a provider’s clinic; and

1.9 A provider fails to notify Australian Unity of any suspensions, restrictions or conditions placed on its registration with its professional association.

The above criteria have been developed to protect the interests of Australian Unity and its members.

When a provider may be deregistered?

Where a provider is found to breach any of criteria above, Australian Unity may deregister a provider in its absolute discretion. Australian Unity may deregister a provider immediately and without prior communication. In certain circumstances, Australian Unity may request further information from a provider prior to a decision being made.

How long will deregistration last?

A provider who is deregistered due to illegal activity or gross misconduct will not be entitled to re-register with Australian Unity.

Australian Unity reserves the right to assess each case for re-registration on an individual basis.

Where can I get more information?

For further information regarding provider deregistration’s please contact our Provider Support Team on 1800 035 360 or email

Effective January 2014