Using your cover


Simple. Useful introduction

Let’s face it; due to government regulation, medical terminology and legal stipulation, health insurance can be complicated.

With this in mind, we’re continuously striving to make your health cover simple to understand and as useful as possible.  

In fact, we’re so determined to make your cover as straightforward as possible, so you can get the most from it, that simple and useful is now our motto.

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Demystifying waiting periods

Waiting periods are an unfortunate but necessary part of health insurance.

Without them, we’d all buy health insurance only when we need it, quickly make claims, and just as quickly leave. Which sounds ideal ― until you consider that your health cover’s premium would go through the roof.

A waiting period is the amount of time you have to wait after you join, until you can make a claim for a service or treatment, and they apply to both Hospital and Extras cover.

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Understanding your excess

Paying excess can ultimately help keep the cost of your private health insurance down. Excess is an amount you agree to pay to cover accommodation costs if you are ever admitted to hospital. 

The more excess you agree to contribute up front (as part of your cover) the lower your health cover payments will be.

It’s important to note that you will only ever pay an excess if you go to hospital. This means you’re not paying for something you might not use.

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