Your child’s mental health toolkit

Help equip children with the tools to foster positive mental health

As parents, carers and teachers, we can help equip our children with the tools to foster positive mental health.

The ability to build resilience is increasingly important in this ever-changing and demanding world, and children are susceptible to mental health issues at an alarming rate. According to The Resilience Project, it’s estimated that one in seven Australian children will experience mental health issues in their childhood.

Here are some tips to ensure your child builds positive mental health:

A lifestyle that aides positive mental health
This includes things like sleep, diet, physical activity and secure routines.

The ability to build resilience
As adults and parents, it is tempting to try to protect children from stress however it’s important to let them deal with the challenges that come their way so they can build resilience.

A network of trusted adults
As a trusted adult you can play a role by doing simple things like listening to the children in your lives and role modelling positive relationships.

Take care of yourself
Ensure your wellbeing is being taken care of so that you’re able to give and role model exactly what your child requires. 

Australian Unity has been partnering with The Resilience Project since 2017, proudly working with them to develop their cutting-edge app. We are committed to building positive mental health strategies in our communities through this partnership.

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