At Least 15% Off Dental Treatments with

We're always looking for ways to offer our members a better deal. That's why we've partnered with to give Australian Unity members a guaranteed minimum 15% off all dental treatments performed by a dentist. This means lower out-of-pocket costs for any treatment, as dentists will reduce their normal fees by at least 15%.

It's easy to make the most of this special offer. If you have dental cover, simply show your Australian Unity member card and your dentist will apply your savings. Plus remember that you'll still receive your usual Australian Unity dental benefit.

With over 1400 dentists in the network, chances are there's one close to you.

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Who is is a network of over 1400 dentists in Australia. They were founded with the aim to make quality dental care more affordable and accessible to the people of Australia. They operate as a membership organization where members can receive savings on dental treatment at participating dentists. Australian Unity members with dental cover are now entitled to these same savings.

Is only for members with dental cover?

Yes. If you have dental cover with Australian Unity, you will receive a guaranteed minimum saving of 15% when visiting any dentist simply by showing them your Australian Unity membership card.

Are dentists No-Gap Dentists?

While Australian Unity's No Gap Dental network operates separately to, there are several dentists that choose to participate in both. You can find dentists that are both dentists and part of Australian Unity's No Gap Dental network here.

Australian Unity's No Gap Dental network offers members with eligible dental cover access to selected preventative dental treatments, such as a scale and clean, with no out-of-pocket costs (waiting periods and yearly limits apply. Find out more information here). dentists will give you a guaranteed minimum 15% saving, regardless of the type of treatment you're receiving.

If you want the best of both worlds, there are a handful of dentists that are both No Gap and dentists. This way, with eligible cover, you'll not only receive the selected preventative treatments with no out-of-pocket costs but you'll also receive a guaranteed minimum 15% off any other treatment you require.

Contact us on 13 29 39 if you have any questions regarding what you're covered for or what will be the best option for you.

Do I need to join

No. Australian Unity members with dental cover are already members of so there's no need to join. Simple show you Australian Unity member card and the dentist will apply the reduced treatment fees.