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Disability Services

Exceptional access to a world of advice and integrated services to support you in getting the most out of every day 

If you are living with a disability, our aim is to assist you to achieve your goals and do more of the things you enjoy. Whether that’s through working with you to develop new skills, re-join the workforce, master everyday tasks or access community connections and key services, the choice is yours. We provide a full spectrum of support, from the most basic support to complex and high care support. We are here to help you thrive and make the most of your life.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Disability support in Australia changed forever with the launch of the NDIS on 1 July 2016. Click here to find out more.

Phone 1300 160 170 to discuss your goals

We offer services in New South Wales, Victoria and some parts of Queensland.

Enter your suburb or postcode to see if we operate in your area and when the NDIS will roll-out in your community. To find out about the availability of specific services, please phone 1300 160 170.

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We have a range of services that can be tailored to your needs.

Personal care

Dignified support with showering, dressing and grooming, which can be particularly helpful if you have recently come out of hospital, are recovering from an injury or are living with a disability.

Domestic services

Let us assist you with household chores such as light domestic cleaning, laundry and changing the beds so that you can choose other ways to spend your time.

Meal preparation

We aim to accommodate your tastes and can prepare delicious and nutritious home-made meals using ingredients and recipes you enjoy.

Odds and ends

From overseeing a home delivery to organising a gardener or even assisting with your pets or shopping, we can help you to coordinate the odds and ends of life.

Home beautiful

If your home is in need of a simple home clean, a more thorough spring clean or even a meticulous top-to-bottom vacate clean, let us do the hard work for you.

Sleepover support

Our trained staff are able to stay over in your home to provide the care you may require overnight.

Live-in support

Got an active lifestyle but need some extra support? Let us assist you with a combination of personal care, leisure, recreation and domestic services.


Our experienced physiotherapists will make sure your home is safe, assess your condition and provide a treatment program aimed at restoring your strength, balance and mobility.

Occupational therapy

Our therapists offer a wide range of services aimed at improving your independence and safety in your daily activities. This includes dressing, showering and specialist equipment to keep you living well at home.

Home nursing

Our nurses can provide you with assistance in general nursing care such as wound dressing, medication management and continence support.

Home from hospital program

Heading home after time spent in hospital may feel overwhelming and intimidating. We can support you with the transition as you settle back into life at home. Our care coordinators can assess you for one of our hospital in the home programs supported by your specialist and GP.

Respite care

If your regular carer is a family member or friend, you may want to take advantage of our dedicated respite care options and centres to provide you both with a well-deserved break.


Our team of dieticians can provide you with telephone support to help make changes to your lifestyle to achieve your health goals.


Sometimes it’s nice to simply have someone to enjoy a cup of tea with, play a game of cards, talk to about the news or go with for a stroll. Our friendly team is on-hand and ready to help.

Positive care

Living independently at home is about more than just your physical wellbeing. It’s also about finding ways to do the things you love. Whether that’s pottery classes, tap dancing or even painting lessons, we will help you to make it happen.

Private assistance

Perhaps you just need assistance with a particular project or task or with general day-to-day errands. No matter what support you require, we will do our very best to tailor a solution that meets your needs.


Getting out and about is an important part of independent living. If you need to see a doctor, would like to catch a movie or even just visit a loved one or attend a family celebration, we can arrange the safe and comfortable transport you require.


From departure and arrival assistance to accompanying you on your adventure, we are here to make sure your holiday is everything you dreamed it would be.

Just for you

Is there a particular dream you would like to fulfil or a special goal you would like to achieve? Our tailored and flexible services ensure we are able to customise a support package to help make it possible.

When you're ready for the NDIS, we're ready.

The NDIS is here. That means more control in your life, more freedom to decide on the services and support you would like and more flexibility to set your own plan, with no-one telling you what you can and can’t do.

If you’d like a little support to understand what the NDIS can do for you, our friendly team is available to discuss your needs 24/7. As one of Australia’s most experienced disability service providers we’re ready to support you on your terms. 

Learn more about the NDIS

Underpinning all our disability services are three guiding principles to help you do more of the things you enjoy


Empowering you to design an individualised support plan focused on assisting you to achieve your goals


Delivering flexible and responsive services and support to suit your individuality and changing requirements.


Giving you control over how your funds are spent and what services form part of your personalised support plan.

Meet our NDIS clients

With funding from the NDIS, Australian Unity is providing Cassandra and her family with the support they need to enable her to pursue her dreams.

Find out more from our clients >
NDIS Planning tool

NDIS Planning Tool

Knowing your support needs and goals are important first steps in preparing for your NDIS plan. Our NDIS Planning Tool is designed to make it easier for you to outline the things that are essential to your daily life and ensure that your NDIS plan helps you to achieve your future goals.

You may like to use the tool on your own, with a family member, a friend or with an Australian Unity team member. Get in contact with one of our team members to organise a one-on-one chat.

Start your NDIS planning

Putting people with disability in charge

Our NDIS television commercials portray people with disability in an entirely new way, highlighting how through the NDIS, they are in control. Featuring a unique take on a job ‘interview’, the commercials show how Australian Unity is ready to help people with disability at any stage of their NDIS journey. Watch them all and explore what the commercials meant to the cast in our behind-the-scenes videos.

Watch our television commercials

Funding options for disability services

From NDIS to funding disability services through local and state government bodies, there are a range of funding options that are accessible to people with disability.


The NDIS is the new way of providing disability support funding. Currently the NDIS is being rolled out across different regions within New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Find out more.

Find out more about the NDIS

Other funding programs

If the NDIS is not for you, we provide disability support through a number of different programs, including Life Time Care and Support (LTCS) and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

Other funding options

Private funding

You don’t have to be eligible for government funding to access and start using our services. Choose the support you would like and simply pay as you go.

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Contact our local branches

If you’re an existing client, you can contact your local Australian Unity branch for any enquiries regarding your services.

Or visit our Home & Disability Services Hubs to speak to our staff in-person.

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