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Explore Australian Unity and its culture

In everything we do, we aspire to be bold, warm and honest in our dealings with each other, with our customers and with the community that we connect with. These are our values and they are the foundation of our culture.

Learn more about what it’s like working at Australian Unity and how you can thrive in a career by joining us.

Our purpose

We are here to help people thrive in the areas of health, wealth and living.  

We want to celebrate our customers as individuals, be holistic in our services and solutions, be authentic about our capabilities and provide inventive expertise.

Join us and thrive!

Writing on Glass

Thought leadership

Australian Unity delivers products and services in the areas of health, wealth and living for the Australian community.  Our contribution extends beyond our products and services however,  we are here for others to look to us for insight and vision on issues that affect the wellbeing of Australians.

By advocating on issues that affect our members we look to shape the sectors we operate in. We look for people who will help us to sustain our population into the future.  Please explore through our Thought + resource hub for our thinking in the areas of health, wealth and living.

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Thought +

Our values

In everything we do, we’ll be bold, warm, and honest to help our people thrive.  

Our values were developed by our people working at Australian Unity through a series of focus groups from across the organisation.  Our people were asked what it was like to work for us, how did they interact with others, and how would they like their workplace to feel?

So our values are partially a reflection on how it feels to work here, and partly aspirational – how do we want to work with each other.

When we are Bold we think big, think it through, have a go, do it well, and keep learning.

When we are Warm, we care about people, welcome difference, inspire each other, understand our customers, and make people smile.

When we are Honest we talk straight, do what we say, earn trust, take responsibility and strive to do what’s right.  

Our values card
Our Values Card

Our culture

At Australian Unity we believe that the positive culture of our organisation is the key to our capability to deliver products and services that provide community value and help people thrive.   

A positive culture is a representation of how well we work together to demonstrate the values, strategies, beliefs and principles of Australian Unity, and can be expressed by “how things work around here”. 

We have defined a desired culture so that we can continually work towards a work environment that makes a difference.  

Our desired culture is one where we aspire to truly understand the needs of our customers, residents and the community. 

We also focus on stretching and experimenting so we can deliver the best possible products and services for the future. We focus on trust and building accountability and work to maintain our emphasis on achieving our best outcomes. 

Inclusiveness, access and enablement

Australian Unity’s mutual heritage is based on joining people together and today we still work from that premise.

Our values reinforce a culture where all our people feel valued, included and can contribute equally to their work environment.

We believe that when our workforce reflects the diversity of our customers we can better support the communities we connect with.  Australian Unity is a member of the Australian Network for Disability which is committed to advancing the inclusion of people with a disability in all aspects of business.

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Inclusiveness home services
Aboriginal Home Care team

Reconciliation Australia

Australian Unity’s 176-year history in Australia is a flash in time compared to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' rich and timeless connection to the land, waterways and seas, but our organisation has long been involved in the public discourse regarding the nation's future.    

Australian Unity is now one of the largest employers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in NSW.  

Our Reconciliation Action Plan focuses both on practical measures to support Australia's First Peoples, and is also an opportunity to discuss matters such as our constitution, and the conversation about Australia Day.

Watch for more on our work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

Our reconciliation action plan


At Australian Unity we have a comprehensive performance and learning framework that supports the development of our people’s careers.
As a growing organisation it is important for us that we invest in our people to develop their capabilities.  

We have a broad range of roles and opportunities across the group that our people can explore.  

Our programs explore thought leadership and innovation, coaching and mentoring, capability development as well as job specific training.  

We are proud of the outcomes from the Australian Unity Business School which has operated since 2007 as a forum for leadership strategy and learning from a business and personal perspective.  

We partner with key industry providers so that you get tailored, experiential and contemporary content aligned with your goals and the ambitions of our business.

Agile Wall
Family in flag

Your benefits

At Australian Unity, we offer employees a broad range of benefits to help you thrive in all elements of health, wealth and living.   Our employees are valued, and we believe that by offering access to Australian Unity’s products and services, it enables them to experience our services and products in action and build greater customer advocacy.

These benefits include a variety of offers ranging from attractive incentive programs, subsidised financial advice, banking and health insurance products, to employee wellbeing and health programs, flu shots and access to mental health and employee assistance programs.  

All benefits are designed to positively impact your wellbeing and enable you to thrive in your career with Australian Unity.

Employee benefits

In addition to competitive financial rewards and salary packaging we offer other employee benefits to positively impact your wellbeing - your relationships, physical health and sense of security.

Discount health insurance premium
Home loan checks
Employee Assistance Program
Public Holiday Exchange Program
Purchased Annual Leave Program
10 weeks paid parental leave
Community Leave Week program
Discount computers and software
Pilates (VIC)
Boot camp (VIC & NSW)
Staff bistro (South Melbourne)
Fresh fruit
Shiatsu massage
Quit smoking program
Annual flu shots
Health risk assessments
Health events
Annual skin checks