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Stories that connect, inspire, enrich and unite

Flourish magazine is a quarterly lifestyle publication for Australian Unity’s valued clients. Our heart-warming, entertaining stories reveal the rich fabric of our community and the world around us. We’ve got our attention firmly on supporting your wellbeing, ensuring balance, bringing people together and enriching lives. 

We’re dedicated to the discovery of new places, better ways of living and informing our readers about the extraordinary innovations and people making a difference. By sharing personal experiences and offering fresh insight into the things that really matter, we’re doing our bit to connect, inspire, enrich and unite.

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Access for all

With a little bit of advice from our friends at Vision Australia, we’ve made Flourish available in a format to suit everyone. You can choose to access Flourish as an electronic flipbook, a downloadable PDF, in regular print and in large print. We’ve also made it accessible via audio.


Browse the full magazine online in an electronic flipbook version.

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Download a printable PDF version of the full magazine.


Large-print PDF

Email us for a copy of a large-print PDF version of the full magazine.

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Audio version

Listen to the full magazine online as an audio recording.


Share your story

We’re on a mission to uncover and share untold stories; warm, funny, poignant, human yarns that entertain and inspire.  Maybe you know an undiscovered hero, or a tale of courage that deserves to be shared. Read our yarns, then let us in on yours.  We might even feature your story within a future issue of Flourish!

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