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Disability Services

Your Life - Your Way 

At Australian Unity we engage a highly respected and experienced team of support workers who specialise in providing support for people living with complex disabilities.

Our Support Workers are passionate about supporting you to pursue your passion, achieve your goals and live your best life. 

Our care teams are diligently backed by Australian Unity, a trusted 180 year old mutual who cares about engaging staff directly and paying generously above award wages. That’s why our staff aim to deliver services of the highest quality.

We don’t compromise on quality – that’s why you can trust Australian Unity.

We take the time to get to know you–what you need, what you want and what makes you tick.

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Here's what our customers have to say:

“My care workers are marvellous. I love going out with friends and my care workers are always on time, they chat with my parents and ask my opinion on things. They help me socialise and make choices about where we go”.

- Eliysha, Disability Services Customer

“I like my Australian Unity Care Workers because they treat me with respect and respect is very important to me - because of that I respect them too. They help me with my day to day activities. They ask me what I want to do and make sure I have a good day out”..

- Rowena, Disability Services Customer

We have a range of services that can be tailored to your goals.

Australian Unity Support Workers are health and wellbeing experts who specialize in complex care for people living with disabilities such as Spinal injuries, acquired brain injuries, cerebral palsy, autism, psychological, intellectual and other neurological disabilities. Our services include:

Complex Personal care

Dignified support with showering, dressing and grooming, so that you can be ready for whatever your day holds.

Domestic services

Let us assist you with household chores such as light domestic cleaning, laundry and changing the beds so that you can choose other ways to spend your time.

Meal preparation and shopping

We aim to accommodate your tastes and can prepare delicious and nutritious home-made meals using ingredients and recipes you enjoy.


Our experienced physiotherapists will work with you to maintain or improve your existing skills and abilities so that you can achieve your goals.

Home nursing

Our nurses can provide you with general nursing assistance such as medication management and care pre and post-surgery.


Our team of dieticians can provide you with telephone support to help make changes to your lifestyle to achieve your health goals.

Companionship and Individual Activities

Sometimes it’s nice to simply have someone to enjoy a cup of tea with, play a game of cards, or browse the local shops. Our friendly team is on-hand and ready to help.

Group Activities

We can support you to get out and about to further your goals, interests, work or social activities. We can assist you with arranging transport, accompanying you and providing support whilst out.

Carer Assistance

If you need some support as a Primary Carer, we can offer respite and other services to assist you with your own wellbeing.

Support Coordination

Connect with your local community and services, build and grow your own support networks and navigate any obstacles you may face, with help from our knowledgeable team.

Book a screening assessment for assisted boarding housing

If you work in the social support or mental health sector, you may have clients seeking accommodation through an assisted boarding house. Using the Australian Government’s Screening Tool for Entry to Assisted Boarding, our friendly customer care team can assess your client’s support needs to determine if this accommodation is suitable for them. All new residents of assisted boarding houses must be assessed using this screening tool. You can view more information about the screening process for assisted boarding houses in this information sheet.

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NDIS Planning tool

NDIS Planning Tool

Knowing your support needs and goals are important first steps in preparing for your NDIS plan. Our NDIS Planning Tool is designed to make it easier for you to outline the things that are essential to your daily life and ensure that your NDIS plan helps you to achieve your future goals.

You may like to use the tool on your own, with a family member, a friend or with an Australian Unity team member. Get in contact with one of our team members to organise a one-on-one chat.

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