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Childcare Property Fund

About the Fund

Australian Unity has established the Australian Unity Childcare Property Fund (the Fund) to directly invest in a diversified portfolio of childcare properties, comprising established childcare centres and properties for the development of childcare centres across Australia. The Fund may also invest in property assets related to its childcare properties, such as an adjacent car park. The Fund seeks to benefit from the growing need for childcare assets, which demonstrate low relative volatility in a sector that benefits from bipartisan government support. The Fund is open for investment by wholesale investors with co-investment from Australian Unity Group.

The Fund may gain exposure to childcare properties by holding direct property, or through unlisted managed funds, property syndicates, or companies that mainly hold childcare property. We aim to grow the Fund by extending partnerships with tenants and childcare operators to facilitate a future pipeline of investment opportunities.

Fund Information

Investment process

In acquiring and managing the assets of the Fund our objective is to ensure the Fund takes advantage of trends in the childcare sector, through in-depth research into demographics, and supply and demand fundamentals.

Our decisions to invest in childcare properties (directly or indirectly) will be based on each assets ability to deliver attractive returns, increase the Fund’s diversification, and the asset’s relative liquidity

Investment return objectives

The Fund aims to deliver:

  • A stabilised 5.5 - 6.5% p.a. distribution yield
  • Target an internal rate of return of 10% p.a. (net of fees)

The investment objectives that we aim to deliver to investors is a statement of intent, and we cannot guarantee that the Fund will achieve these.

Why invest?

  • Quarterly distributions
  • Potential tax-deferred income
  • The potential for capital growth over the medium to long-term
  • Expected lower relative volatility by investing in a sector that benefits from bipartisan government support

  • Establish a sustainable competitive advantage for the Fund through partnerships with quality, multi-site operators
  • Managed by an investment manager with skilled employees who have extensive experience in the property industry
  • We are a trusted mutual organisation dedicated to empowering people and communities, with a cornerstone equity stake in the Fund

Fund facts

Minimum investment amount

$50,000 (documentation to substantiate ‘Wholesale Client’ status is required with an application form)


Subject to market conditions the Fund aims to provide a limited liquidity facility during the financial year ending 30 June 2025, annually thereafter or more or less frequently as determined by the Fund



Initial seed portfolio

4 Childcare centres

Seed investment

$20 million from Australian Unity Group


Managed by extensive experience in the property industry

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