Lifeplan Investment Bond

What is the Lifeplan Investment Bond?

A simple, versatile and tax effective investment bond, which can be used to build wealth, without increasing an investor's personal tax liability.

Plus, the Lifeplan Investment Bond is designed to fulfil more than just wealth accumulation goals. It goes a step further to enable flexibility in wealth transfer for tax effective estate planning or child advancement or supplementary retirement planning. Lifeplan Investment Bond allows investors to take advantage of tax concessions that are unique to products of this type.


The Lifeplan Investment Bond is a long-term tax paid product with an extensive range of investment options, covering a range of risk and return characteristics. It is suitable for those investors wanting to invest in the long term and/or those who want to invest in a tax paid product wanting to secure investments outside their estate.

What the Lifeplan Investment Bond offers:

Diverse range of investment strategies
  • Pre-retirement income
  • Super no go - an alternative to super for those that are too young, too old or have too much
  • Tax arbitrage to reduce Adjusted Tax Income (ATI)
  • Tax efficient family trust (minimise income distribution to members)
  • Wealth transfer
  • Optimised gearing
Who is the Lifeplan Investment Bond suitable for?
  • Investors with financial objectives to improve entitlements and reduce tax
  • Investors with young children or blended families
  • Investors who want to start a family trust
  • Investors who have super cap issues
  • Investors with retirement planning concerns
  • Investors looking for certainty in estate planning
Key features
  • Access to 72 diverse investment options
  • Flexibility to switch between asset classes and risk profiles
  • Ownership can be individual or joint, or by companies or trusts
  • Option to start a regular savings plan
  • No limit to initial contributions in the first year
  • Tax benefits available the longer the investment is held
  • Access to funds at any time
  • Online application process (licenced advisers only)

Customise the Lifeplan Investment Bond to support your own financial goals

The Lifeplan Investment Bond comes with two investment features which give choice and flexibility to manage individual investment goals.

Lifeplan Wealth Preserver

A unique estate planning protection option
  • Control how wealth is transferred and when payments are made to beneficiaries
  • Reduce upfront and ongoing legal costs associated with setting up trusts and complex wealth transfer structures
  • No need for third parties to get involved, avoiding cost and complexity

Lifeplan Child

Invest for a child's future financial needs
  • Designed for parents, grandparents, other family members or friends wishing to give a child a helping hand
  • Transfer investments to a nominated child when they reach a specified age. Until that time, retaining full control of the investment

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How to invest

1. Register with Australian Unity as a Financial Adviser

Financial advisers are only eligible to invest in Lifeplan Investment Bonds if they are a registered adviser with Australian Unity.

Visit our online adviser portal to become a registered financial adviser today.

2. Submit the application form
Via mail, email or fax

Ensure that you have read the PDS, and then simply complete and return the Application form along with the initial contribution to the investment which can be made via direct debit, BPAY® or cheque.

Download Product Disclosure Statement
Download Application form
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Via the adviser portal

Log in to the online adviser portal and submit an application online.

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

Contact a BDM in your area or our Adviser Services team on 1300 133 285. We'll be able to help you with any questions you have.
Are you an investor?

If you are an investor who is interested in investing in an investment bond, please contact your financial adviser to discuss your investment options.

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