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The Education Savings Calculator

We want to help you prepare for education expenses ahead. Use our calculator to work out expenses at each education level and then use it to calculate savings needed to fund this education. Basic expenses can include tuition, uniforms and books. A really great educational journey can go outside a traditional learning environment so you may also want to consider experiences like time studying abroad or learning a musical instrument.

Let’s start with some details about the student

About this calculator

The purpose of this calculator is to provide an estimate into the future of the total cost of education per student. It provides a result that is based upon current assumptions, such as the cost of private and public school education (which is derived from statistical data of costs paid through the Education Savings Fund operated by Lifeplan Friendly Society Limited). It assumes an annual increase of coast at the rate of 5.3%pa which is based on ABS data and using a historical period of 16 years. The information provided by this calculator is general in nature and is not intended as financial, personal or taxation advice. Neither the calculator, nor the results take into account any individual circumstances, financial situation or needs. You should consider obtaining professional advice before making any decision after using this calculator.