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Australia's New Payments Platform is here

What is the New Payments Platform (NPP)?

The New Payments Platform (NPP for short) is the faster and simpler way Australians send and receive money. The NPP will change the way we pay for everything, from paying a tradie, to splitting bills, to buying goods off Gumtree and even sending money to family and friends, all in real-time.

The NPP has been rolled out across over 60 Australian financial institutions, with Australian Unity being amongst the first financial institutions in Australia to bring the benefits of real-time payments to our customers.

Osko is the first service built on the NPP, enabling customer to send and receive payments in real-time. Customers will also be able to send money using the simpler, smarter addressing service for payments, known as PayID.

What does the NPP mean for me?

Fast payments


When you’re sending or receiving money, in most circumstances available funds will be received in less than 60 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Simple payments


Instead of remembering your account number and BSB, you can create a PayID using just your mobile phone number or email address to identify your Australian Unity account.

Smart payments


You can include up to 280 characters of text with your payment to describe what it was for and who it was made to. It means you can keep a more detailed record of your payments.


When you’re making a payment using a PayID, you’ll automatically be shown the account name linked to that PayID before you approve the payment. Giving you an additional layer of security before paying someone.

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There’s an easier way to make payments to anyone.
Simply use their mobile number or email address.

A PayID is a smart address for real-time payments that’s easy to remember – like your mobile phone number or email address. You can register a PayID with Australian Unity and link it to the bank account of your choice. When someone needs to pay you, just give them your PayID instead of your BSB and account number. Easy!

Peace of mind when you use PayID

When you use a PayID to transfer money the system will automatically show you the name of the person the PayID is registered to before you send the money. So you can be confident knowing your money is going to the right place.

Pay iD

How to create a PayID


Make faster, simpler and smarter payments with Osko

Osko by BPAY is a new payment service that will change the way Australians pay each other.

Real-time payment is the first Osko service, released as part of the New Payments Platform (NPP). People who pay using Osko can make and receive instant payments to each other via their participating financial institutions.

Whether it’s splitting the bill at a group dinner or paying a freelancer at the end of a job, paying with Osko will mean payments are faster, easier and more certain than ever before.

Osko is integrated seamlessly into our Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Apps, meaning you can make real-time payments 24/7.

Payments using Osko will look much the same as payments made via online banking transactions, but instead of BSB and account details, customers can use a simple identifier called a PayID to make these payments.

What's not to love about Osko?

  • Faster payments across 60 institutions – and more to come

  • Available all day, every day – even weekends

  • You can use a PayID to pay and get paid with something simple like a registered mobile number or email address

  • It’s backed by BPAY and trusted by us

  • You can use 280 characters of text to send along with your payments

Osko logo

How to make an Osko payment

NPP Frequently Asked Questions

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