Setting up a Delegated Authority

We take your privacy seriously, which is why Australian Unity has strict security measures in place to protect your personal information. That means we will deal ONLY with you, as the policy holder, in all matters related to your Overseas Visitors Cover.

If you’d like to authorise another person to speak to Australian Unity on your behalf and to help manage your membership, you can set up a Delegated Authority.

For example:

  • If you are on a couple or family policy, you can add authority for your partner or other adult family members to talk to us
  • If a friend or family member purchased the policy on your behalf, you can give us authority to talk to them (especially if they purchase the policy before you arrive in Australia)
  • If your English language skills are not strong, you can give us permission to discuss your membership with a family member, friend or work colleague

What is covered by a Delegated Authority?

The person you name as a Delegated Authority can make enquiries about, and changes to, most aspects of your membership.

    Policy Holder Delegated Authority
    Change personal details including address and phone number Yes Yes
    Enquire about policy details and level of cover Yes Yes
    Change your level of cover Yes No
    Make a payment Yes Yes
    Change payment method Yes Yes
    Add or remove a dependant Yes No
    Make a claim Yes Yes
    Enquire about the progress of a claim Yes Yes
    Suspend your membership Yes Yes
    Cancel your membership Yes Yes
    Speak to Australian Unity on your behalf after you leave Australia Yes Yes
    Nominate further Delegated Authorities Yes No
    Remove a Delegated Authority Yes No

How do you set up a Delegated Authority?

Simply complete the Delegated Authority Form and return it to Australian Unity.

When completing the form, make sure that you:

  • Include the name of the person who will be looking after your health insurance matters
  • Sign the form
Removing a Delegated Authority

You can remove a Delegated Authority at any time by simply contacting Australian Unity on 13 29 39

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