Australian Unity Health Recognition Requirements for Natural Therapy Associations

Australian Unity Health Recognition Requirements for Natural Therapy Associations

Important: The Australian Government has announced that health funds must remove 16 natural therapies from their complying covers by 1 April 2019. Click here for more details.

An association must have the following in order to be recognised with Australian Unity:

1. An incorporated body with a valid constitution

2. A Code of Conduct that is provided to be binding on members

3. A formalised disciplinary procedure

4. A documented record of all members’ ongoing Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours each year. Australian Unity requires that:

    • Members must perform a minimum of 20 hours CPE each year
    • Any additional hours accrued in a given year can be rolled over to contribute to the following year’s requirements to a maximum of 10 hours only.

5. Ensure that all members have current First Aid certification

    • Australian Unity will allow a grace period for renewal of 3 weeks under ‘special circumstances’.
    • It is at the discretion of Australian Unity as to what constitutes ‘special circumstances’.

6. Ensure that all members have a Certificate of Currency confirming at least professional indemnity insurance ($2 million recommended) and public liability insurance ($10 million recommended)

7. Submission of appropriately detailed electronic member lists to Australian Unity on a monthly basis. These lists must be in an Australian Unity approved format and detail any new, deleted or amended provider information

8. Assist Australian Unity with audits regarding compliance with these requirements, including the provision of proof of current certifications; current first aid, insurance, CPE, proof of qualifications and other applicable information, as requested by Australian Unity.

9. Provide to Australian Unity via email notification of any changes in association contact details or member deregistration’s due to misconduct or a breach in Code of Conduct, as soon as reasonably practicable:

10. Associations must only send provider details to Australian Unity where the provider meets with our requirements for Provider recognition.

11. Ensure that all Australian Unity providers have a copy of the Australian Unity Provider Terms and Conditions document

Australian Unity’s Provider Terms and Conditions can be found on our website.