Security Policy

Security commitment

Australian Unity is committed to ensuring the security of the information you provide. We have implemented a range of security measures to protect that information, including transactions via our website. These security measures guard against access to, or the loss, misuse or alteration of information.

Online payments

Your online payment is immediately processed via a secure payment system. Australian Unity does not retain credit card numbers received via the Internet.

Secure transaction environment

  • Information you provide via our website is encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer Protocol (SSL), ensuring that only we can decipher your information. SSL is the current leading industry standard for secure e-commerce transactions.
  • Secure web pages display an icon (usually a lock) so you can verify security. You should look for this icon on any page where you are entering your information. You can also identify a secure web page by its URL that begins with “https” rather than the standard “http”.
  • You need to check that your browser supports SSL or, if you connect to the Internet through a proxy server or firewall, that it supports SSL. Most browsers will support SSL (for example, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox). Please check your browser’s documentation to confirm. Using the latest version of your browser is the best way to ensure you have the most up to date security measures in place.

Our website carries a digital certificate from VeriSign. This enables you to verify that

  • Australian Unity’s website can secure your private information using a VeriSign SSL Certificate
  • Australian Unity operates the website and is the party collecting your information
  • Information exchanged with Australian Unity on a secure webpage is encrypted using SSL before transmission

You’ll see that where you need to enter your information on our web pages, they are secure.

Security on public (shared) computers

Public computers, such as in internet cafes or public libraries, are generally at greater risk of having poor security options, being infected by a virus or having unauthorised software, such as spyware. If you are transacting with, or supplying your information to Australian Unity via a public computer, always ensure you log off and shut down the browser when you have finished.

At Australian Unity we value your privacy. Find out more about our Privacy Policy.