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Natural and long lasting dental implants

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Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth and are an alternative to traditional removable dentures. They look and feel just like a normal tooth.


  • A durable option for replacement teeth that are made from titanium
  • They are decay and fracture resistant
  • Generally more comfortable than dentures


  • Natural looking, the entire tooth is replaced
  • Better chewing and biting ability compared to dentures1
  • Less changes to diet required than with dentures

Tooth health

  • Stimulates new bone growth (to help prevent jaw shrinking) as bone bonds with titanium
  • Minimal risk of dislodging other teeth

What are implants?

Dental implants are fixtures that are surgically inserted into the jawbone beneath the gums to attach artificial teeth to. Teeth attach to implants either by screw or magnet. The artificial teeth may be porcelain crowns, bridges or plastic (acrylic) dentures.2

How are implants fitted?

There are usually five main steps.

Step 1

Tooth Extraction: Extracting the old tooth or assessing the existing gap from a missing tooth so preparation can begin.

Step 2

Preparation: Prepare the jaw bone for surgery to ensure that it is ready to have the implants attached.

Step 3

Surgery: Surgically insert the implant into the tooth socket.

Step 4

Adding the abutment: An abutment is required to support the connection between the implant, which acts as the new tooth root, and the artificial tooth.

Step 5

Cap or Crown added: A cap or crown is the preferred option for the artificial tooth as it has a more natural look and feel than dentures.


2Dental implants are usually successful, but as it is a surgical procedure there may be risks that you should discuss with your dentist. Problems are rare, but include infection, nerve damage, sinus problems and injury to surrounding rel="noopener noreferrer" teeth or blood vessels (