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About us

Australian Unity Dental Centres, Quality dental care for everyone

Australian Unity Dental Centres

Australia Unity has been providing high trust services to Australians since 1840 and dental care for over 50 years. We operate six dental centres – each with a focus on providing you with the very best dental care. This is achieved by,

  • Consistently delivering an experience with customer preferences at the centre of care.
  • Drawing upon decades of experience.
  • Using the diversity of our dental capabilities, our workforce and our modern facilities.
  • Providing options for integrated healthcare.

Quality care – no matter who your health insurer is

Regardless of who your health insurer is, or even if you don’t hold health insurance, you can take full advantage of our dental services. Simply find a dental centre near you and book an appointment.


Over 30 independent dental practitioners provide dental services at Australian Unity Dental Centres. These practitioners are proficient in all facets of dentistry and are engaged to provide you with a wide range of dental services including general and preventative dentistry.

A relaxing environment

Seeing the dentist isn’t exactly most people's idea of relaxation – but it is an important part of taking care of yourself, which is why we go to great lengths to create an environment that fosters calm to help reduce dental anxiety.

Our staff

Our support staff are deeply committed to remaining at the cutting-edge of their profession. That’s why we continually invest in their training.

Fully accredited

Each of our dental centres goes through a rigorous accreditation process with Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) to ensure you receive the best possible care. QIP is an approved accreditation provider under the Australian Health Service Safety and Quality Accreditation Scheme.

Professionally equipped and scope of services

Australian Unity Dental Centres are focused on providing the highest standard dental service. We use the latest technology and modern techniques that you would expect at a twenty first century dental practice. This includes digital x-rays, intraoral cameras that allow you to see what the dentist can see, tooth coloured cosmetic fillings and operating microscopes.

We provide a broad range of general dental care, including check-ups and preventive care, fillings and restorations, dental implants, oral surgery and extractions, wisdom teeth removal, cosmetic crowns, bridges, veneers, tooth whitening, root canal treatment, gum disease therapy and children’s dentistry. If your dentist determines that you need specialised care then your dentist may refer you to the relevant specialist such as an Endodontist (speciality includes root canal procedures), Periodontist (speciality includes gum disease treatments) or Prosthodontist (speciality includes procedures for crowns and bridges).

Each of our dental centres is fully equipped with advanced technology and equipment to ensure you receive the best restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Take a look at the list below to get an idea of what we offer:

  • Quick and convenient digital imaging technology for taking x-rays.
  • In-chair tooth whitening process that only takes approximately 90 minutes.
  • Take home- whitening kits.
  • Porcelain veneers and crowns that can provide protection to chipped, broken or weakened teeth and enhanced appearance by changing colour, size and shape.
  • Invisalign as an alternative treatment to traditional braces. This involves wearing a series of removable, near-invisible aligners to straighten and correct teeth.
  • Replacing missing teeth with dental bridges and or implant to preserve your chewing, speech and other jaw functions.
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