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Preparing for the NDIS

25 Jul 2017

The roll-out of the NDIS is an important milestone for people with disability. If you’re hoping to access the scheme, one of the best things you can do is start thinking about your plan. But where do you start?

NDIS client Dean using his computer outside

Starting your NDIS journey

  1. Find out if you are eligible, using the NDIS access checklist.
  2. Complete a NDIS access request.
    • If you are already receiving disability services the NDIA will contact you to make your access request over the phone when the NDIS comes to your area
    • If you are not receiving disability services, you should contact the NDIA when the NDIS comes to your area to request access. The best way to do this is over the phone on 1800 800 110
  3. When the NDIS becomes available in your area, the NDIA will contact you to begin the planning process. You’ll have a face to face meeting to create your NDIS plan.
  4. Once your plan is finalised, you’ll be able to implement your plan and start any new services agreed as part of your plan. You’ll have an opportunity to choose a provider to work with, such as Australian Unity.

What happens at the NDIS planning meeting?

A representative from the NDIA will meet with you and a support person of your choice to understand your current situation and future goals.

To develop your plan, they may ask for information about:

  • Support you receive from your carer, family and friends
  • Paid support you rely on
  • Any aids and equipment you use
  • How you manage everyday activities
  • Your personal safety
  • Your goals
  • Who will you manage your plan

Why planning ahead is important

The information you provide in your NDIS planning meeting will be used to create your NDIS plan, so thinking about it early can help you get the support you need.

There’s lots of information to cover, so pre-planning will ensure you don’t forget anything important and that you have time to work out your goals for the future.

Our NDIS planning tool can assist

Australian Unity has created a digital NDIS planning tool to make the process easy.

Through a set of questions and pictures, the tool will help you outline your current support arrangements, the aids and equipment you rely on, and your future goals.

At the end, you’ll have a print-out that you can take to your NDIS planning meeting.

The information you enter into the tool is kept private. Our staff can’t access any of the personal information you enter, unless you choose to share it with them.

NDIS Planning Tool

General tips for making the most out of the NDIS

  • Plan early – take your time to think about what’s working well now and the life that want to lead in the future.
  • Ensure you have information about your disability to support your application to the NDIA.
  • Write a list as you go about your day – at each stage, take note of the activities you do, the paid and unpaid support you receive and what would make life easier.
  • Don’t limit your thinking – the NDIS could help you to achieve goals you never thought possible, so don’t be afraid to think big.
  • Get advice from others – chat to someone who has already been through their planning meeting so you can learn from their experience.
  • Contact us online or phone 1300 160 170 to speak to one of our NDIS Coordinators. They can provide you with advice or support you to attend your planning meeting if you require.

NDIS Planning Tool

Our NDIS Planning Tool is designed to make it easier for you prepare for your NDIA meeting.

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